Atlantic Capital Strategies, Inc. offers highly responsive advisory services for proactive management of investment portfolios.
Let us assist you with your investment needs.

Comprehensive Offerings

Atlantic Capital Strategies, Inc. offers a comprehensive asset management service that integrates our client’s investment portfolio into the overall strategic plan of the institution.

Advice is provided for Fixed-Income, Equity Securities, and Derivatives. We engage our clients with discussions about liability management, lending and deposit strategies, capital planning, and broad asset allocation. Aspects of our services include:

Fiduciary obligation to client
Independent & fee-based
Regulatory monitoring
Client-drive service
Market economies of scale

Client Services

We regularly communicate with our clients about current issues in banking and their impact on the business. Our comprehensive service includes:

Tailored investment plan
Security selection and best execution
Pre-purchase analysis
Ongoing monitoring
Policy development
Full regulatory reporting

We also provide investment consulting on a project basis:

Annual portfolio reviews
Credit monitoring
Impairment opinions
Watch list reporting

Quarterly, we attend ALCO meetings in person to review the client’s operating environment. Topics of discussion include:

Economic review & outlook
Comprehensive balance sheet review
Strategy discussion
Contact us at (781) 276-4966 for
comprehensive advisory services
including purchase analysis, credit monitoring and
proactive management.

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