Investment strategies for financial institutions

Atlantic Capital Strategies, Inc. works with community-based financial institutions to develop and implement investment strategies that work best for them. We understand that each client is unique, and a plan must be targeted to their specific needs. We provide solutions which enable our clients to run their businesses more effectively, which is crucial in today’s business climate.

Integrated Investment Discipline

Economic Environment

The term structure of interest rates is impacted by expectations for the Federal Reserve’s policy actions and the outlook for the domestic economy. Increasingly, actions occurring globally are impacting events at home, causing markets to react at increasing speeds.

Investment Characteristics

Markets are inefficient, as participants are often swayed by the general consensus or external factors. This produces opportunities for investors, by taking advantage of relative value relationships between sectors or yield curve positions.

Client Profile

Each client is unique, with its own asset/liability position, competitive situation, business plan, and liquidity situation. This, in turn, creates different sets of return requirements and tolerance for risk. The investment plan must be tailored to meet specific needs.

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